The Twisty Turns @Mojos Music Café.
Live Review.

Saturday 12th February 2022.

‘The Twisty Turns made their Debut at Mojos. Having seen the name and a poster in the front window I had a feeling this was going to be a cracking afternoon and so it turned out to be with Jenny Trilsbach on Double Bass and Vocals she’s a Bach no wonder she is so talented. And Ben Gallon on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals. The session was totally unplugged no mics no amps no auto tune just playing great music with 100% pure talent. With a mixture of Original songs and a few covers by the likes of Doc Watson they are both great singers and great Musicians. And they went down a storm with the Audience. And there own songs are superb some members of the audience saying ‘you wrote that it was fantastic’. They will be back with their other band which is an Acoustic Blues band on Wednesday 23rd of March, and boy am I looking forward to this.’

Darryl Rooth.


The Twisty Turns – CAME SEPTEMBERcropped-front-cover.jpg



20th February 2018

‘The British Country formation – The Twisty Turns, consists largely of members of Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings. The magisterial singer and bassist Jenny Trilsbach is part of both, as is guitarist Benjamin Gallon. In this journey to Country and Country Folk music the duo collaborates with violinist Jerry Bloom.
Came September has become a very fine album with Trilsbach singing in a more modest way than in her acoustic Rhythm and Blues work and there is a great deal of space for the violin playing of Bloom. It produces a strong album that starts beautifully with ‘So Bad’ and especially the impressive ‘By The River’. Less intense is the slow duet ‘All the Notes’ then the title track ‘Came September’ comes with pizazz where Trilsbach sings in great shape, ducking smoothly with Bloom’s Violin. Very Nice.
Nice intermezzo is the adaptation of the traditional instrumental ‘The Monkey’. Again a nice leading role for the violin. Then the second duet between Gallon and Trilsbach ‘Fade Away’ comes into its own. Gallon, who also wrote the song, vocally takes the lead.
Came September is full of melancholy and beautiful songs. The rhythm section with Trilsbach and Gallon offers Bloom the opportunity to showcase his violin. The voice of Trilsbach is a sensation on stage and is especially intense on this album. A song like ‘Sick Bad Wrong’ is phenomenally beautiful and one of the highlights of the album.
With this especially warm album, the debut on record for the trio, the band knows absolutely how to convince. Beautiful songs like the smooth ‘Only Blue’ and ‘Cannonball’ and finishing with ‘Leaves’ results in a very satisfying debut.’

20th February 2018

Read review in Dutch here…

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