Review – The Twisty Turns at Mojo’s Music Café

The Twisty Turns. Mojos Music Café. Saturday. 12th February. 2022 3pm.

‘The Twisty Turns made their Debut at Mojos. Having seen the name and a poster in the front window I had a feeling this was going to be a cracking afternoon and so it turned out to be with Jenny Trilsbach on Double Bass and Vocals she’s a Bach no wonder she is so talented. And Ben Gallon on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals. The session was totally unplugged no mics no amps no auto tune just playing great music with 100% pure talent. With a mixture of Original songs and a few covers by the likes of Doc Watson they are both great singers and great Musicians. And they went down a storm with the Audience. And there own songs are superb some members of the audience saying ‘you wrote that it was fantastic’. They will be back with their other band which is an Acoustic Blues band on Wednesday 23rd of March, and boy am I looking forward to this.’

Darryl Rooth.

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